T.L. Blakely

Author of Literary Fiction

Author of Literary Fiction

The botched murder trial of a military cadet for the Easter Sunday death of a young girl leads to reconstruction of the nation’s judiciary; the court of public opinion has become a reality…

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In the year 2031, covert micro-sensors have taken their seat at the table-head of our most trusted institution, the Court.  At the vortex of Court intrigue, Judge Luisa Vega must fight to preserve anonymity for her extra-judicial passion for women's liberty...

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Informative and Perspective-Altering Literary Works

T.L. Blakely’s novels will provide you with a fresh perspective on the challenges that we may face in the future. His stories will redefine your outlook on how to deal with obstacles with thrilling plots and captivating narration. From privacy issues to the judicial system, T.L. Blakely effectively offers a different worldview that can change the way you live your life.

About the Author

T.L. Blakely has taken the exciting step with Year of The Book Press to publish Justícia 2095.

He is currently working on additional short stories and his novel, Anonymous Privilege.