Anonymous Privilege

A person working on a computer

In the year 2031, covert micro-sensors have taken their seat at the table-head of our most trusted institution, the Court.  A ‘fire and forget’ mentality leaves the workers behind these opportunistic devices free to effect constant and pervasive snooping in the back hallways and chambers of our hallowed judicial workshops.

At the people’s state courthouse in the city of Saint Anthony, a border town poured out along the banks of the lower Mississippi River, the wonders of technology and the craft of judging are on a collision path with social vice and high rollers on a glamorous showboat, the Castle.

At the vortex of Court and Castle intrigue, Judge Luisa Vega struggles to preserve anonymity for her extra-judicial passion, women's liberty. The Judge’s clandestine activities are at risk of exposure when the respected head of court security, Manny DeChance, is charged with murder. His voyeuristic watch over judges has turned over pieces of a puzzle his mind has yet to assemble.

Judge Vega may be Manny’s only hope. Luisa must choose: save Manny or save herself.