Justícia 2095: See Justice Done

Online justice using big-data is reality when the court of public opinion comes to order in Justícia 2095. In the spring of 2095, Justícia Court participants conduct jury trials en masse from the comfort of their homes and offices, in real-time, free from court constraints of old.

The marionette unknowingly tethered to the dangling end of this supercharged justice system is Wyrand Stark, historian and industry salesman for Justícia business promoters. The rapidly-spinning gears of Justícia take an ominous turn when the hidden agendas of those Stark trusts congeal around him. Amid the whirlwind effort to save Wyrand Stark, we question who is at the helm of justice. The plight of this heretofore trusting student of judicial theory prods us to consider: What is justice, what is law, which do we prefer, and whom shall we fear?

The freewheeling Justícia of 2095 is fed by a new set of tolls. No longer is man concerned primarily with protection of the individual from totalitarian controls which troubled the likes of Ayn Rand and George Orwell. The struggle has shifted to that between unrestrained individuals and the lone defendant; the so-called rabble now hold the gavel.

The revolution to mass justice from traditional courts has raised troubling questions about the notion of personal liberty. Which will be the right course for Justícia in generations to come: a return to fixed laws imposed by judges in brick-and-mortar courts, or the bending Kafkaesque justice imposed by the aggrieved citizenry?